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It isn't easy to game a social media platform.  To up your social media game you need to do proper research and have a fair idea of what is currently trending (or you could also buy instagram likes and followers if you had the budget!) From the outset we planned on accumulating as much data from testing as possible so that we can use our experience and research to formulate strategies that will work. From then we started building our team with getting people on board who agree with us and will bring something new to the team. Now we are a team of 17 people who are interested in finding out what works and are ready to go to any lengths to find that perfect recipe that will take your social media accounts  to the top. We have made things trend on social media and have perfectly utilized the trends to get the maximum exposure for our clients.

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Account Creation
We will help you setup accounts if you do not have them and clean up your existing accounts of posts that hamper your brand authority. Accounts will be setup in popular platforms only.
We will research online for content and curate it in such a way that you get more exposure, gain followers and increase your engagement rate. we will put our best efforts to get more people to follow your account.
Social Media has taken long strides in advertising niche. You can drive lots of targeted traffic through advertising on social media. We will help you setup of optimize your ads to get the most for your bucks.

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Awesome strategies, very intuitive and well researched. Team is very responsive to queries and are very professional.Chandler BarnesMarketing Manager, Xando Media
Team Carnets reached the target a week early. My followers are still growing from the campaign although its been a week since it got over. The methods used are bringing followers in huge numbers.Jeremy WoakesMarketing Executive, Silver Island Media
These people are the most professional bunch I have worked with. Every minute details of the campaign was informed before starting. I exactly received what I was promised and the support was great.Linda FullerCreative Director, Third Vision Pvt Ltd.

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How can you get Instagram followers organically

Ways to naturally build your followers strength.

Much loved and now a craze, Instagram proves to be almost everyone’s top favorite! Having over 200 million users, this social media platform has been cutting the chase on Facebook and Twitter quite fast!

Insta story, video posting and the new Insta grid have captured every Instagram user’s mind without many glitches. They are fun and quirky! Keeping up with the trends lets any user gain quite a bit of popularity on this media platform. And by popularity, it means FOLLOWERS!

Gaining followers on Instagram is not that much of a hassle as it seems. At the beginning, it might seem slow but gradually with a few tricks, you can acquire a huge follower base and that too organically!

When you, as a brand, want to increase your follower number, then you need to work your way through the highly competitive maze. Remember, everyone has more or less the same goal, and all are striving aggressively to achieve that by beating others!

That does seem kind of fair, isn’t it? After all, brand enhancement is a constant race where you need to upgrade and update to stay ahead! So, why not learn a few tricks that will help you get a boost in your Insta follower number?

Bump up your Insta Followers Today!

  1. Know & Research your Target Audience

Your target audience is specific to your brand! Make sure you do your research beforehand in a truly authentic manner. The brand needs to connect on a more personal level to its target group, because it is only this group that will lead to prospects. Considering the demography, the psychology, ethnicity and economic background of your audience and then aligning them with your brand values will surely pave the way for natural follower gain!

Researching, understanding, analyzing and finally evaluating – these steps can get you a healthy fan base. Along with this, keep yourself updated on what your competitors are adopting as a way of reaching their target group! This, in return, will give you new ideas of the do’s and don’ts in future!

  1. Like for Like! Pick your Niche

Have you seen the hashtag “like for like”?  

You will see how a single like can bring in a number of likes in return! Liking other’s posts does increase your followers. In a recent study, the CEO of Freshly Picked, Susan Petersen talked about how she managed to get a whopping number of 4000,000 followers for her account! Susan explained that at the very beginning, she used to spend hours liking other’s photos and this, in return, helped other users discover her via that person’s profile.

Giving a genuine comment and following other people’s profiles, the kind of hashtags they are using help at generating fan base way more easily! So, keep liking and commenting on photos similar in tone to your profile!

  1. Hashtags and Hashtags! No bars restricted!

Unlike Twitter, which limits you with your hashtag usage, Instagram allows you abundant hashtags! You have practically no limit to this and can use up to as many as 30 hashtags!

Hashtagging is the new “in” thing which everyone is following! Suppose you are promoting your product. Use as many hashtags related to your product as you can! This will generate likes from diverse fields and people will look up to your profile naturally! Another quick trick; use hashtags in your comment section as well! This way, the gazillion hashtags will not seem sore for the viewer’s eyes as they will be hidden at first glance!

By doing this, you will find yourself getting featured in diverse platforms which relate to your chosen hashtags!

  1. Keep Posting Regularly! An all-time “ON” Feed

You need to be consistent when it comes to posting.

The Instagram feed is a place where goes a constant flux of events. People are posting, sharing, liking and commenting all the time! Your profile needs to be an all-time “online” entity. Apart from this, keep in mind that whatever you post needs to be related to your account genre! If you start posting irrelevant images and stories, then people will come at first, only to walk away feeling disinterested!

  1. Interlinking your Insta Account

On Instagram, you can link your account to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms saving a lot of time and energy. This helps your followers find you on other networking sites as well, and thus, you gain a wide follower base in no time!

When you are posting on Instagram, always keep on the share to Facebook and Twitter option. Within minutes, your images will get posted simultaneously on 3 to 4 platforms. Interlinking ultimately leads to interconnectivity, and this is what helps to generate more likes which lead to more followers for future.

  1. Fresh Content for Fresh New Followers!

Use your profile wisely!

Always posting and posting fresh contents are two different things to do. You do not want to seem overtly addicted to Instagram, do you? However, all the same, consistent posting as mentioned above also needs to be done. So, here’s a trick!

With the latest updates of Insta stories and Insta grid, keep your content fun filled with latest hashtag emojis and smileys. Also, the new Instagram GIF’s keep a profile extremely colorful and attractive. A perfectly themed profile always leads to organic follower generation.

Put in Effort so that your Instagram Profile Grows!

There are so many ways you can boost up your follower count!

Beating your head with constant worry on why the number isn’t growing is no longer a terrifying issue! Instagram is an extremely interactive social media platform which is friendly and absolutely uninhibited.

  • Hashtag Policy of 10/10/10
  • Insta Grid and story filled with emojis
  • Like share and commenting
  • Featuring in Big Insta Profiles
  • Sticking to your niche

All these are the steps which lead to the ultimate growth of followers organically. Boost your Instagram hub to become a big brand on this stylish user-friendly social site today!

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