Well, most of you are already in possession of a Facebook account.

More than one billion people, in fact, sport a Facebook account. Ever since its inception back in 2004, it has become the steadfast premium app to dominate this digital economy till date. Now let’s see why –

Is Facebook more than just a social connecting site?

Well, today Facebook is more than just a social interactive site. It has become a full-fledged advertisement site used by small and large scale businesses alike. The reason being, millennials might not follow news, but they ardently follow Facebook.

Besides, news over Facebook spreads like a forest fire.  Reports claim, no one really spends their time watching television anymore. In fact, Facebook is the hub for news, ads, Press Releases and any socially interactive posts.

Consequently, brands too use Facebook for online promotions because in this platform, they can openly interact with their target audience and make a name for themselves.

Nevertheless, moving forward, like every successful endeavor has a few irrelevant tags associated with its name. There are certain misconceptions that need to go back in the dark about Facebook advertisement.

Keep reading to know more-

3 Biggest Facebook Advertising Myths Debunked!

Myth 1 You need to have a huge following list for your advertisement to be acknowledged.

Fact –

You don’t require a huge followers list on Facebook to witness your advertising success. Yes, a substantial amount of likes on your Facebook page does mean that you’ve a horde of loyal followers.

Yet, catering to Facebook algorithms, your ad will get more views rather than the organic content your page. The reason being, Facebook ads are customized to be shown to your target audience. Hence, the number of followers in such cases stands irrelevant.

Myth 2 Facebook ads are expensive.

Fact –

Facebook ads are in fact, very cost-effective. You’ll only have to pay once your customers click on your ads. Moreover, Ads over Facebook do not require you to purchase any materials for promotion. Furthermore, distribution is conducted automatically.

Hence, it’s a simple and cost-effective process that can make your business prosper effectively.

Myth 3– Facebook ads won’t benefit small-scale industries when big businesses are already dominating online platforms.

Fact –

The truth is if you advertise anything out of Facebook irrespective of your business, it’ll be reaching your target audience.

The point is, with more than one billion people dominating the online platform, Facebook algorithms will help you reach out to your target audience. Hence, you can be sure that among one billion individuals, some people might require your product/service.

Hereafter, Facebook advertisement works whether you hail from a big or small company.

Myth 4- You just post on your ad page regularly.

Fact –

The reality is you need to be creative, formulate and optimize your page in order to make your advertisements catchy. When exceptional photography and appealing captions blende with humor and emotion, that’s when you know you got a good ad.

Now, Facebook advertisement has its sweet perks. Moreover, ads over social media are more targetable than traditional ads due to more exposure. Henceforth, if you wish to take your business game several notches up, then get rid of these misconceptions.

Create your Facebook ad today; it’s as simple as changing clothes.