In this current day and age, social media has become an indispensable part of the online marketing scheme. It has revolutionized the marketing scenario by giving a platform to showcase your products as well as enhance the customer service experience.

The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. These platforms are way inexpensive than any other large-scale advertisement strategies. Hence, a decent social media portfolio should be set up to grow your business’s presence.

If you still don’t recognize the need to set up social media accounts properly for your business, these below pointers may convince you –

Boost Brand Awareness

A survey by Statistica shows 95% of the youth follow a brand via social media networking and this count at the end of 2018 would reach 2.5 billion.

Brands with active social media profiles are likely to increase their brand awareness by connecting with the target audience. Social media informs the clients about new launches, policy updates and also team activities. This will make the customers feel important. A responsive profile will also help in earning loyalty among the followers as well help in client retention.

Generate More Traffic

Developing a good website is not enough to lure more traffic and increase user engagement. When you post something that is liked by your followers, it will be shared with some new users. Thus, posting contents on social media with the link of your original website gives more exposure to your brand in the e-market and increases web traffic. With proper implementation of SEO strategies, it can also help to improve your ranking on first search result page.

Business Leads

Applications like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been very useful to build and convert leads. All of these now have the facility of sponsored posts and advertisements which target your niche audience. Also, the implementation of the call to action button helps the users to buy at one click.

Converting sales leads is one of the biggest perks of social networking sites. Studies reveal that about 12 million people scroll through social media more than two times daily. Keeping track of your potential customers based on a demographic can help building your buyer persona.

Know Your Rivals

These social media platforms are common all the brands, and so you can keep track of your competitors easily. Learn about their new updates and how the market is reacting to them. These insights can help you improve your strategies. There is a high chance that your rivals are also keeping an eye on you in the same way.

Setup Accounts on Multiple Platforms

Unless you have 100% confirmed information you can’t reach your entire target audience through one particular social media platform. Though Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the most popular choices but engaging in other sites would surely help you connect to more people.

One of the benefits of marketing through social media is customization, you can specify your ads or contents according to the target audience. Also, social media can be very useful to get attention by hosting online events, giving live updates or chat sessions.

Hope these give you enthusiasm to take up the social media by storm and climb high on the achievement ladder. If you’re looking to buy instagram likes, check out Buzzoid!